Change in Team Roster

Our specialist in occult topics, Norm, has decided to retire from paranormal research and investigation. We want to express our best wishes for Norm in his future endeavors!

Please note: We will not take requests for membership. Prospective members are selected based on specific areas of expertise or extensive past experience, and will be invited into NJPRG following an evaluation period.


Recent Investigations by NJPRG Members: October 2008

Investigators Ron and Lisa continued an ongoing investigation of a private home in Tinton Falls, NJ with New Jersey Ghost Investigations.

John, co-director of NJPRG, was invited to participate in an investigation of the Overbrook Asylum in Cedar Grove, NJ in support of the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society on 17 Oct 2008.

As per our group policies, details and investigative results will not be summarized on this site unless otherwise permitted by the organizations who were contacted by the client.


Radio Interview: 01 Oct 2008

Lead research associate Dave will be interviewed on the radio tomorrow morning (01 October 2008) at 9:15AM. You can listen live from the website:


Investigation Summary: Public Building, Hackettstown, NJ

An investigation was conducted on 20 September 2008 at a public building in Hackettstown, NJ. An initial summary has been posted to the site and can be found on the following page:

Public Building, Hackettstown, NJ

Additional detail, including audio anomalies and raw audio footage, will be added to the investigation summary when the data review is completed.


Presentation: Paranormal Technology: Thursday, October 2

Our Lead Research Associate, Dave, will be presenting on the topic of Paranormal Technology at the Hackettstown Historical Society on Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 7:30PM. Topics will include an introduction to equipment used in paranormal investigations, how that equipment should be used, and what the equipment will (and will not) tell us.

Contact the Hackettstown Historical Society for details.


The NJPRG Store is now open!

For NJPRG investigators, affiliates, family, and friends, we have created some official NJPRG apparel and gear. All of the items use our current team logo; additional items will be made available in the near future!

The current team logo can be seen at this location.


Investigations Update

A quick update on the current activities for NJPRG:

Most of the members have been on vacation this month, so updates on the new site have been far and few between. We are, however, looking into a couple of cases that will (hopefully) be schedule this month.

The second investigation for the Queens, NYC case has been canceled by the client. As it stands, it does not appear that we will have the opportunity to research some of the open questions regarding that case.

If you are experiencing unexplained activity and would like to request an investigation, please let us know!


Partial Equipment List

A partial equipment list has been added to the Equipment and Methods page. Additional detail will be added to the page as time allows.


Latest Site Update

The FAQ page has been updated with the most recent submissions!


Queens Investigation

Additional information has been added regarding the Queens, NYC investigation.

Also, it is now possible to leave a voicemail message to request an investigation.



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