July/August 2010 Update

Co-Director David will be appearing on ParaNexus Universe Radio on Thursday, July 29, from 9 – 10PM.

Co-Director John will be working with New Jersey Paranormal Research on a formal investigation of the USS Salem in Quincy, MA in early August. John will be bringing some of the unique NJPRG and Spirit Lab equipment to the investigation, which should prove to be an exciting challenge! (As always, as per disclosure agreements, NJPR reserves the right to any and all data/evidence collected, so that will not be featured on our website.)

The NJPRG team will be re-investigating a private residence in Long Valley, NJ. This location was originally investigated in 2008, and reports of activity have continued. The team will be conducting some new experiments related to detection and triangulation of “emergent EMF”, which we hypothesize to be the source of EMF-generated EVPs.

John will also be a guest on Texas After Dark, discussing his reviews of paranormal investigation reality shows on his Critical Myth website and methods of investigation in general. A link to the specific episode will be linked here as soon as it is available.

August will also see new episodes of The Devil’s Advocate.

Come back soon for more details!