Investigation Summary Update: Public Building, Hackettstown, NJ

Additional details have been added to the summary page for the September 2008 investigation of a public building in Hackettstown, NJ. Several audio anomalies captured during the investigation have been posted for review and discussion.


Interview with IPRA’s Jaqui Carpenter

Co-director Dave will be the subject of an interview by Jaqui Carpenter for the IPRA podcast on Wednesday, 03 Dec 2008 from 8-9PM.

The podcast will be archived at:


Current Investigations: November 2008 (Update)

Summary of the investigation conducted by co-directors John and Dave at a private residence in Long Valley, NJ on 15 Nov 2008 has been delayed due to US holiday travel. The data has been reviewed and the group is discussing the next phase of the investigation.

Data review is currently underway for the investigation of a private business in Hackettstown, NJ on 22 Nov 2008.

Details will be posted to the site sometime in December 2008.


Recent Investigations by NJPRG Members: November 2008

Research Associate Dave was called in by New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society for the investigation of a private residence in Hackettstown, NJ.

Investigators Ron and Lisa participated in an investigation of Eastern State Penitentiary offered by New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society.

As per our group policies, details and investigative results will not be summarized on this site unless otherwise permitted by the organizations who were contacted by the client.