Investigation Summary: Public Building, Hackettstown, NJ

An investigation was conducted on 20 September 2008 at a public building in Hackettstown, NJ. An initial summary has been posted to the site and can be found on the following page:

Public Building, Hackettstown, NJ

Additional detail, including audio anomalies and raw audio footage, will be added to the investigation summary when the data review is completed.


Presentation: Paranormal Technology: Thursday, October 2

Our Lead Research Associate, Dave, will be presenting on the topic of Paranormal Technology at the Hackettstown Historical Society on Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 7:30PM. Topics will include an introduction to equipment used in paranormal investigations, how that equipment should be used, and what the equipment will (and will not) tell us.

Contact the Hackettstown Historical Society for details.