affiliated investigators
John - Co-Director, Lead Investigator, Website Maintenance
Dave - Co-Director, Lead Investigator, Research Associate
Alan - Investigator
Phil - Investigator
Mark - Audio Specialist
New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group (NJPRG) is an association of independent paranormal
investigators with more than 60 years of combined experience.  The investigators of NJPRG work
together to pool resources, equipment, and expertise to provide individualized response to client
needs.  Many of the investigators of NJPRG are members of other organizations in the Tri-State area,
and NJPRG offers its services to any and all organizations with an interest in additional scientific
monitoring and data collection.  Additionally, NJPRG works with associate specialists with experience in
occult-related situations requiring unique study.

If you are in need of an investigation, feel free to contact any of our associated investigators:
New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group
Donna- Historian (Hackettstown area)