As paranormal investigators, we receive a number of questions regarding our
services, our intentions, and our philosophy.  This page provides some of the
answers to the most frequently asked questions!
Frequency Asked Questions
New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group
What do you charge for investigations?

NJPRG conducts investigations free of charge.  Our investigators will never ask for compensation in exchange for allowing us into your
home or business.

What is unique about the New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group?

NJPRG is a consortium of individual paranormal investigators, many of whom are members of other regional organizations, who work
together in a "preferred partnership".  This allows any NJPRG investigator to call upon the full resources of all NJPRG members to work
on a case and help clients with their unique situations.  In essence, NJPRG is a contract organization, able to respond to a variety of
client and community needs.

What kind of clients do you accept?

NJPRG takes clients from historical landmarks, public businesses, and private residences.  Additionally, NJPRG offers its services to
any paranormal investigation group within the Tri-State area (and, if warranted, beyond) with a desire to add specific technical expertise
to their own investigations.

How does someone become a member of NJPRG?

All potential members are vetted by one of the co-directors of the organization before admittance into NJPRG.  Membership is currently
restricted to those with significant technical expertise in bioscience, engineering, or forensics, or alternatively, significant experience in
investigation (not necessarily paranormal-related) with a compatible philosophy regarding methodology.

Why do you call your investigations "scientific"?

NJPRG believes that the best way to study, research, and possibly explain the paranormal is through measurement and observation of
environmental conditions.  Based on the activity reported by a client, NJPRG will set up monitoring equipment and instrumentation in an
attempt to find a natural cause.  The goal is to set up experiments to find explanations for the reported activity.  In many cases, this will
require more than one investigation as the data is analyzed, since additional data may be needed.

NJPRG consists of a broad spectrum of individuals with technical and hands-on experience, including engineers, audio researchers,
biomedical technicians, and law enforcement.  Our investigations follow the same principles that govern all investigations in our chosen
professions, and we bring the same dedication and technical expertise to each and every case.

Do you use "psychics" or "sensitives"?

NJPRG does not currently utilize psychics or sensitives, particularly as an investigative tool.  We prefer to use scientific instrumentation
that can be calibrated and analyzed objectively.  In the event that NJPRG does work with a group employing psychics or sensitives, our
goal will be to compare our data to the "readings" of those individuals.  Our focus, however, will always be on the reported activity.

Can you bless or "clear" our home/business?

NJPRG does not conduct blessings or "clearings" of a client's home.  If the client desires such a service, we will refer the client to
individuals known to the group with such a professed ability.  However, in such an instance, NJPRG will not be involved and cannot
guarantee the results.

Why do you turn off all the lights and investigate at night?

NJPRG will conduct investigations under the conditions reported when the client experienced activity.  In most instances, the activity is
in the evening or at night, when the clients are home from work.  Also, in most cases, NJPRG investigators are available in the evening
or at night, which makes it a convenient time if the reported activity is not confined to a given time of the day or situation.  However, if
the activity takes place during the day or when the lights are on, NJPRG will investigate under those conditions.

What can a client expect from an NJPRG investigation?

Upon receiving a request for an investigation, an NJPRG representative will contact the potential client and ask for more detail.  If
NJPRG is prepared to conduct an investigation, the client will be given a detailed background questionnaire to fill out and a preliminary
investigation will be scheduled.  The preliminary investigation is used to understand the layout of the client's location and gather direct
testimony from witnesses.  Following the preliminary investigation, a full investigation will be scheduled with additional investigators and
equipment.  Subsequent activities are dependent on the data collected and the desires of the client.  When all investigations are
completed, a final report will be provided to the client.

What is your privacy policy?

NJPRG respects the privacy of our clients.  Locations will only be listed by name upon permission of the client.  Data and evidence will
be posted on the website with permission.  Permission forms are provided at the time of the investigation.

What do you think of orbs?

It is the position of NJPRG that the vast majority of "orbs" in photos and video recordings are caused by dust, bugs, and moisture.  
There are a number of resources on the internet explaining the physics involved.  There are instances, however, where visible balls of
light are seen by clients and investigators, and in those instances, the "orbs" captured are evidence of a real phenomenon.  That does
not mean that such "orbs" are paranormal; "balls of light" are typically the result of an energy discharge.

Why do you provide raw data files on your website?

NJPRG believes that peer review is vitally important to the paranormal research community.  Because much of our evidence requires a
full understanding of the context under which the data was collected to be reviewed objectively, it is in our interest to provide the raw
data for peer review.  Also, the raw data is provided to allow other investigators to review the data independently to see if they find
anything new!