Current Investigations: November 2008

Lead investigators John and Dave conducted an investigation of a private residence in Long Valley, NJ on Saturday, 15 Nov 2008. The data is currently under review; an investigation summary page will be added to the site later this week.

There is another investigation scheduled for Saturday, 22 Nov 2008: lead investigators John and Dave, investigator Phil, and historian Donna will attend.

(Some audio evidence will be added to the September 2008 investigation summary this week as well!)


Change in Team Roster

Our specialist in occult topics, Norm, has decided to retire from paranormal research and investigation. We want to express our best wishes for Norm in his future endeavors!

Please note: We will not take requests for membership. Prospective members are selected based on specific areas of expertise or extensive past experience, and will be invited into NJPRG following an evaluation period.