February 2008 - Private Residence, Hackettstown, NJ
October 2007 - Private Residence, Hackettstown, NJ
April 2008 - Private Residence, Stanhope, NJ
October 2007 - Private Business, Washington Township, NJ
New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group (NJPRG) conducts scientific investigations into reported
paranormal phenomena.  Investigations will be focused on finding scientific explanations for reported
activity; determining that a location is "haunted" will always require a high burden of proof.

Emphasis is placed on monitoring of areas with reported activity (using audio, video, and photography
equipment) and collection of environmental data.  All evidence is provided for member review prior to
presentation to the client to ensure that the evidence is accurate to the best of our knowledge.  Occult
specialists provide valuable insight into reported trends that may indicate sources of reported activity.

Currently, in addition to specific instances of potential evidence, NJPRG plans to provide "raw" audio
files for peer review beginning in May 2008.  If audio evidence is considered to be present, the
location of the evidence within the "raw" data will be indicated.  NJPRG welcomes all constructive
analysis of our data and any advise as to alternative explanations.

The investigations listed below are a selection of cases that were recently conducted by the current
associates working with NJPRG.  In some cases, the client has requested that we exclude the
information from our website for privacy concerns.  Additional cases were performed previously by
members of NJPRG, most of them were conducted independently under a variety of organizations and
NJPRG does not have authority and/or permission to post summaries and data from those cases.  In
the future, if an investigation is conducted in support of another group, the results will only be posted
to this website upon agreement of that organization.

NJPRG respects all requests for confidentiality and will not make public any information that the client
wishes to remain private.
current investigations
New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group
November 2008 - Private Residence, Long Valley, NJ
November 2008 - Charlie Brown's, Hackettstown, NJ
April 2009 - Private Residence, Gilbert, PA
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