Description of location:

The building in question consists of four floors (from bottom to top): a basement apartment, a downstairs apartment, and an upstairs
apartment with a middle floor and an attic.  The client and family lives in the downstairs and upstairs apartment.  The basement
apartment is occupied by an unrelated individual.

The following incidents were reported by the client prior to and during preliminary investigation:

1) Banging on the hallway wall in the upstairs and downstairs apartments, experienced by two individuals for the same incident.

2) A shadow form was seen moving out of the main bedroom in the upstairs apartment into the living room.

3) Pacing heard in the hallway in the upstairs apartment by a visiting friend (~1-2 AM).

4) Whispers heard in the upstairs kitchen.

5) The client's daughter complained about a boy named Jonathan visiting her at night; the daughter sleeps in the attic.

6) A backpack was "thrown" off the top of the washing machine in the upstairs kitchen.

7) A child's voice heard calling from the attic while the children were asleep.

8) The client's bed shakes vigorously, waking them up, and stops upon request.

9) The apparition of a small child was seen in the hallway of the downstairs apartment.

The client set up video cameras in an attempt to capture the activity themselves.  The client uploaded the footage to YouTube at the
following locations:

First Recording: Kitchen Pantry

Second Recording: Kitchen Pantry
Private residence, queens, nyc
may 2008
New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group
reported activity
preliminary investigation
A preliminary investigation of the location was conducted by team investigator Alan and our associate occult specialist Norm on 20 April
2008.  No activity was experienced during the interview and walkthrough.  Photographs were taken of the location for reference.  Audio
recordings of the interview and walkthrough did not indicate any of the reported activity had taken place.  Norm did not indicate any
concerns of possible occult undertones to the reported activity.

A full investigation was scheduled for 03 May 2008.
full investigation
Lead investigator John was joined by team investigators Alan, Ron, and Lisa for the full investigation, which took place between 8PM
and 11PM on 03 May 2008.  The client was not home during this investigation.  A tenant in the basement apartment was present, but
was not aware that an investigation was taking place. This allowed the team to observe conditions similar to those experienced when
activity was reported.

For this investigation, based on the reported activity, the emphasis was on surveillance.  Video was recorded in the downstairs living
room to cover the hallway.  Video was also recorded in the attic, covering the attic and the stairs leading to the room.  Audio was
recorded throughout the investigation in the upstairs kitchen pantry (where the client heard whispers) and, periodically, in the upstairs
bathroom, the downstairs master bedroom, and the attic.  Two teams were formed and monitored the upstairs and downstairs
apartments on a hourly rotating basis.

There were no personal experiences reported during the investigation.  Much of the noise could be attributed to activity in the
neighborhood and surrounding buildings; the acoustics of the house made such environmental sounds appear to be within the house
itself.  It was determined that the banging in the wall behind the downstairs living room was caused by movement of pipes triggered by
use of hot water by the tenant in the basement (this was observed by team members and noted on audio and video recordings).  Most
of the tapping and "movement" noted in the downstairs was also correlated with water usage in the basement.

There were three audio anomalies that could not be explained based on the information at hand:

The first was recorded by an audio recorder located within the pantry at the bottom of the attic stairs at ~8:33PM.  It is noted that this is
identical to the location where video footage with audible "whispering" was recorded by the client.  Ron and Lisa were in the living room
on the same floor; however, review of their audio confirms that they were not the source of the sound.  The recording appears to match
the reported activity:

Recording: Pantry, ~8:33PM

The second audio anomaly was recorded by an audio recorder located above the toilet in the bathroom of the main floor at ~8:50PM.  
The majority of the noise has been determined to be from a neighboring building (caught and noted on audio at the time by
investigators downstairs).  The anomaly takes place immediately after the noise ends.  The recording appears to match reported activity
elsewhere in the home:

Recording: Bathroom, ~8:50PM

The third audio anomaly was recorded by an audio recorder located on the kitchen table in the downstairs at ~10:05PM.  The footsteps
were attributed to Ron and Lisa based on information in the raw recording.  The additional sounds were heard by the investigators,
coming from the direction of the mother's bedroom.  It could not be verified that the sound was caused by pipes in the floor/wall, as
other tapping sounds had been explained during the investigation, but that is the assumed source.  The recording is provided for

Recording: Downstairs, ~10:05PM

There were no video anomalies reported during the investigation.  All EMF readings were within expected baseline parameters
throughout the investigation.

Not all of the reported activity could be explained by the findings of the full investigation.  Additionally, there were audio anomalies that
required further study and explanation.
raw audio recordings
NJPRG is dedicated to peer review of data collected during investigations, when approved by the client.  The following raw audio
recordings are available for download and independent review.  NJPRG welcomes any insight that may be gained from the peer review

Full Audio Recording: Pantry, 03 May 2008 (~120MB)

Please send any questions, constructive comments, or observations to

Thank you!