The Devil’s Advocate Podcast: Episode 1

Co-Director Dave and his colleague Dr. Stephen Rorke have begun recording a podcast called “The Devil’s Advocate! This is Episode 1: Introductions.

Dr. Stephen Rorke has undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, has lectured on developmental psychology, cognition, theoretical and applied physics, and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) as a subset of ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) with potential implications for the theoretical physics community regarding the existence of multiple dimensions beyond the standard model. Dr. Rorke’s most recent studies include the application of information theory, persuasion theory and certain aspects of psychology to the paranormal; i.e., ‘paramemetics’. Dr. Rorke’s psychobiological explanation for the creation of a paranormal ethos, the spread and adoption of fringe ideas is called ‘para-memes’ and this model brings information theory and neuroscience to bear upon the paranormal in an interdisciplinary manner.

Dave is a certified audio and acoustic engineer, and has a graduate degree in electronics engineering, with a minor in particle physics. He has given presentations on the phenomena associated with ghost hunting as well as the technology used to document the phenomena with special emphasis on the proper way to use it. Dave’s current research focuses on the potential connection between Quantum Mechanics and reported paranormal phenomena. He has researched Electronic Voice Phenomena since 1976. Some of David’s accomplishments include establishing a relationship between EVP and spontaneous ELF EMF, researching the relationship between EMF and inter-dimensional or trans-universal wormhole-like phenomena and the study of environmental alterations in connection with medium activity.

NJPRG is pleased to offer this podcast to all visitors to the site, and more episodes will be presented in the future!


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