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Episode 19: The Melissa Rossi Interviews, Part I

by on Mar.08, 2011, under Podcast

David and Stephen embark on the first in a series of interviews with author/journalist Melissa Rossi who writes about subjects such as American politics and international geopolitical situations. She has also written the “What every American should know” travel series and the latest, “Decoding 2012: Doom, Destiny, or Just Another Day?”

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  • Be Anonymous

    Like the show, but cringe and just want to avoid the name and intro…. please consider changing this…
    not spooky, just gross… thanks.. though you would want to know…

  • Ivan / Atrayo

    Hello David & Stephen,

    At the beginning of this episode #19 podcast after the intro music there seemed to be difficulty with someone’s microphone. (from minutes 8-15 or so) Causing static interruption as if a mic was being jostled about.

    When “Ms. Melissa Rossi” began speaking of having forms of validation from events that happen to her that are eerie. (like the dreams she mentioned) Perhaps she has some sensitivity in forms of perception be it psychic that is under developed. I myself have instances that i receive impressions of items that interest me by topic or person. Where randomly akin to a synchronicity the impression i had days prior pops up in some obscure sound byte or form of media. (be it print or electronic media) Maybe its a form of clairvoyance, but i have no idea what it means and i see it as a personal novelty.

    The portion of the interview where Ms. Melissa Rossi speaks of the ancient Greeks considering sleep as the twin to death. I’ve always have been intrigued with the aspect of a dream sleep state of mind or of being. I coined it the “Morpheus Principle”, after the god of dreams. Where in short our dream memories is of our soul in a disembodied non-corporeal slip stream dimension. Since the human body, including the brain rests during sleep our soul slips into a buffer dimension of sorts. Like a buoy cast into a stream of water. Again, that’s my personal pet theory and i have very little means to verify it.

    When the portion of the discussion went towards the 911 incident of Building #7 being demolished. I think the term used by the Towers complex owner was the building was “Pulled”. I think he stated this during a CBS interview that was aired on television. Which caused controversy, that Ms. Melissa Rossi alluded to during the podcast.

    When the media establishment was being discussed, my opinion we’re in a period of a “Cone of Silence”. Where the important topics of discussion are being sidelined by tabloid celebrity news or covering the next natural disaster. Anything to keep our national attention distracted making news more like entertainment. The editorial control again in my opinion is in the hands of the monopoly owners of this industry.

    Towards the end of the interview kinda delved into fear mongering of the gloom of our times. One trend to keep in mind regarding the United States is we’ve been in a constant “tug of war” between being a republic and an empire. Like Benjamin Franklin stated and i summarize that those who give up their liberty for more security, deserve neither security nor liberty.

  • Administrator

    There were some equipment and software issues and we had to rescue some of the audio. It wasn’t smooth, but we felt the content was important and let it air in the best shape we could make it.

  • Administrator

    Ivan, yes, I believe she is psychic to a degree, or at least sensitive. Also, her episodes are a lead up to a special guest that will talk in detail about 911, so hang in there.

  • Larry Bowman

    Hello David & Stephen,

    Interesting discussion however I am somewhat concerned about your seeming acceptance of the “Hutchison effect” in this podcast and those that followed with Dr. Wood. My understanding of this so-called effect is it can only be replicated by Hutchison and, even then, only on video. I am a post-graduate student and former Hollywood special effects artist and I can tell you with no uncertainty that the videos of the “effect” are quite suspect. Both of you are well-versed in the scientific method and understand we can’t accept any theory that isn’t subject to falsification or independent replication; so why give this individual’s claims any credence? I do appreciate your efforts in advancing scientific rigor within paranormal research, but this seems to give the critics an easy target? Am I missing something here?

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