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Episode 17: Imagination or Verification?

by on Dec.01, 2010, under Podcast

A real-time case history with Brian Jones

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  • kay

    Very difficult to listen to this guest-he did not complete a sentence in the whole interview ! I’m not sure what he wanted from you guys if he didn’t want data verification. Maybe just validation on some level that he wasn’t imagining things. He did not seem to be able to clarify exactly what he actually wanted.

  • Administrator

    Brian is a seeker, and as such feels he has an obligation to help folks if he can. Couple this with an effect that he doesn’t fully understand makes for a difficult situation. We are hoping someone out there who may specialize in this sort of thing may work with him to explore the reality behind it all.

    I do thank you for listening. And I understand where you are coming from.


  • Ivan / Atrayo

    Hello There,

    After being on a hiatus from listening to this podcast and episode #17. In response to Mr. Jones appeal for assistance or traction on his psychic ability. He could try seeking out those make shift animal shelters that occur after a natural disaster has struck a region. Since so much pandemonium occurs with lost pets, perhaps his ability could be utilized in such a scene. Further still which is very much out there Mr. Jones could try his luck with “Coma Patients” with prior consent from relatives. Since Mr.David Rountree stated several times that this could be more perception than audio phenomena akin to a form of telepathy on the part of Mr. Jones.

    To use a bad pun, my opinion is that Mr. Jones was barking up the wrong tree in seeking scientific confirmation of his psychic phenomena. From listening to the podcast it seems he needs a teacher or mentor of some sort or another. Maybe if he attended workshops that are not scientific, but held for psychic development. He could find some personal and subjective answers of validation he is seeking of this ability.

    This seems more his own dharma he is struggling with in order to understand, discover, and hopefully develop if it is authentic for him.

    Those are my thoughts from listening to this podcast.

  • Administrator

    Thanks Ivan for your input! We will pass this on…

  • Brian Jones

    I’ll try to finish not one, but a few sentences once again that I’ve very much worn out a few years ago by now.. What I’ve been asking for since 1998 are legitimate and fertile situations to test out my perceptions through audio analysis with serious minded people in place to fairly assess the process first hand…

    Just a couple of these areas of direct observation would be of my interpretations of what I assess overall to be embedded complex audio signals relaying information contained within incarnate human speech recordings, audio recordings of animals in distress, where they are notably vocal.. I would especially need directly involved people with a fair intellectual invested interest to faciltate access to such opportunities..

    No doubt about it, I am light-years past having the fortitude to keep asking all by my lonesome, only to keep being rejected after thousands of inquiries. Though I am still asking when I can muster up yet another phase of beat down ambition. Yes I have quite a manic mind, and without a doubt, the overall experience I’ve been enduring that I just mentioned, has only intensified my sense of being out of synch. when it comes to having a connected useful conversation with the folks…

    It will be obvious if and when the much needed long time asked for participatory connection/s occur.. at this long overdue point, I’ll be finishing many sentences that will raise some eyebrows involuntarily. If anyone is willing to pitch in and either step up with a viable circumstance as stated, or be willing to put forth an effort to find one, I’m all ears.. and I’d be gratefully surprised !

    As far as attending workshops.. not my thing so far.. I’ve checked out a few… I’m still looking for what I’ve been asking for all along… I like your idea Ivan of focusing upon coma patients , possibly tapping into their present or projected telepathic signals through the conducting of my special brew of I.T.C. experiments in the immediate proximity of the subject, but once again, I require an open invitation and serious participation by at least one other person who is seriously involved in witnessing the outcome..

    Don’t think I haven’t asked for similar circumstances with medical conditions which might just be ideal for testing such an approach. As I said earlier, I am far past burned out on the extreme opposite of a fair minded and respectful reply, or should I say it like it’s been… hostile rejection. I am open to reading more comments regarding this matter here, but if someone would please just finally offer me what I am asking for instead of sending me to yet another unwilling ‘ someone else ‘ with your advice, that would be the key.

    What keeps me going, is that sooner or later, well I guess it would have to be later at this point in the race, the world’s going to run out of someone elses. Try to assimilate these sentences if you will ~

  • Mark Smith

    Hi, very engaging discussion!

    I do hope that Brian gets assitance with his experiments, so that we can accurately test his claims.

    It is difficult in paranormal circles to always effectively test stuff, but I hope for the best anyhow!


  • Brian Jones

    Thanks Mark… I read your considerate reply back when you wrote it…. I came back a couple times not long after to see if anything else had been added by others… just like now a few months later.. nothing doing.. that pretty much sums up everything else as far as my seeking out a legitimate connection to date.

    I’ve got something in the works over the next few days… but I know better than to have any expectations unfortunately… who knows, maybe this accomplished author with an interest in related phenomena will surprise me… I’m going for it in order to find out in any case!

    Thank you again Mark for the kind and supportive posting!

    Brian J.

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