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Episode 14: Virtual Allen – Exploring The Holographic Universe

by on Oct.25, 2010, under Podcast

Dave and Stephen chat with Allen Francom about the mind boggling aspects of a holographic universe, and how our reality may be just one large cosmic video game!

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  • John

    Thank you David & Stephen for the podcasts. It’s taken several listens (in my case about 20 per show…) to take it all in, but upon each listen, I seems to me that you gents are doing the research intelligently, thoughtfully, methodically, and probably a couple of other “lys” I can’t think of at the moment. Thanks again.

  • Administrator

    Thank you for listening, John. Sometimes it takes me a few times just to figure out what I said!
    Seriously, we try to go where no podcast has gone before, both with our intro and exit music, and with our content. We have a lot of interesting guests lined up, so keep checking in.


  • Ivan / Atrayo

    Hello David & Stephen,

    In my case I’ve listened through this podcast #14 a 2nd time. I follow my premise of this Holographic reality or taking the Buddhist explanation of Maya. But this is a personal bias with a meta-physical view point on my part that there is no “Space & Time”. Where i work backwards from that assumption as a thought experiment.

    As Mr. Allen Francom was discussing that space as a dimension is like a dilation of time, linear or otherwise. I suspect that there is no time, in as much to say that time as a dimension is “one instant” moment, that has been expanded and compressed. (akin to an accordion musical instrument)

    During the course of this brainstorming session with Mr.Francom where it was dismissed the point of a fragmented universe or swiss cheese analogy. Where no one “big bang” event took place, if not a series of them. Where Stephen mentioned his idea that our universe was created from a black hole or such. What if like a routine one universe is created by another like a sort of plumbing via wormholes. This kinda lends itself to the concept of an “Infinity”. Where like the image of a snake eating itself. The point of origin is also simultaneously the end point of another pathway. A constant looping circuit, ala a Nascar race car track.

    This is what was going through my mind while listening to this great episode.

  • David Rountree

    Thanks Ivan, I always enjoy your thought provoking posts, and appreciate you as a fan of the cast. Our understanding of the universe alters daily. Personally, I do not subscribe to the holographic universe principle, but recognize that the universe does contain certain holographic effects. For example, both a black hole and a wormhole exhibit a phenomenon known as a holographic boundary, in which things can theoretically be projected upon. Also, since theorizing the existance of a megaverse, I also believe it is contained by a holographic boundary in order for it to remain stable. Having said that, my belief in a holographic universe ends with that. I also now am convinced that there was not a big bang, but instead a big flow, and most likely many of them, and that explains the continuing acceleration and expansion of our own universe. I in turn believe that we are feed adjacent universes with our black holes, and they feed us with our white holes. Of course, my conclusions are based on the fact that the math supporting the Big Bang breaks down a few miliseconds prior to the event horizon, and due to the fact that no substantial explanation for contunued expansion pleases me at this point…LOL.

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