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Episode 13: Fringe Elements

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Podcast

David and Stephen take off on a discussion about the fringe elements of paranormal research, and what could possibly be the motivating element in physics that could be effecting these phenomena. Get your asprin ready because Dave goes off on a quantum tangent!

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  • Ivan / Atrayo

    Hello David & Stephen,

    Yes, you were right many of the items of discussion may have zipped past your listeners. Still nonetheless an interesting exposure to such material for those of us as neophytes.

    When the “Dark Flow” was being discussed that this substance is flowing from parts unknown into our universe. Would it be probable a “White Hole” could be the source, where on the other end of such a white hole phenomena is another black hole? (like a twisted candy wrapper, borrowing Stephen bubble wrap metaphor)

    When Stephen was discussing the “bubble wrap” metaphor of neighboring realities. Like he did in the last podcast using the stew and vegetables metaphor. Where he mentioned that this universe when it was created where a tear in the fabric space may have occurred. That something from another reality may have poured into our nascent universe. So prior to our “Big Bang” could there have been a “Big crunch” from a prior universe in the same space we’re occupying right now?

    So all of this foreign exotic particles or what have you was the fuel that aided the creation of our universe.

    Towards the end of the episode when the mega black hole that is keeping the integrity of our galaxy in place was mentioned. Like Stephen mentioned earlier in the podcast as the micro to the macro, or as below so above. Could it be that the mega black hole keeping our galaxy uniformed as a linch pin. On its other side be another Galaxy also being held in place by the very same mega black home aka linch pin?

    Just a thought to ponder.

    Thanks for the show.

  • kay

    I really am enjoying your radio podcasts. I have listened to each one several times and understand more each time. Thank you for this interesting and intelligent discussion- you guys rock!

  • Administrator

    Yes Ivan, all of those things are possibilities. But our next episode will blow your mind. We will talk about the holographic Universe. Something that is a completely different way of looking at it.

  • Administrator

    Thank you Kay. As stated, the next episode will boggle your mind.

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