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Episode 12: Paranormal Technology

by on Sep.24, 2010, under Podcast

David discusses his new book, “Paranormal Technology”, described as a new paradigm in paranormal field manuals.

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  • Mark Smith

    Hi David/Stephen.

    The Podcast series is great, as it uses balanced arguments to reach it’s conclusions. You bring respectability to paranormal research, which it needs due to bad media press and the like.

    I enjoyed the discussion in this show (Podcast 12), as David was discussing the environment and I think this plays a massive part in the micro world, due to decoherence and quantum entanglement processes.

    The new book is a must-read and I plan to get this myself for Christmas. It sounds like it shall be ideal for the layperson and will supply the needed background data surrounding things such as EMF’s, EVP’s etc, enabling further investigation for all those with an interest in the area.

    Keep up the good work guys!!


  • Administrator

    Thanks Mark, we appreciate that. I can’t wait to hear your feedback on the book. It is not just for the lay investigator, it will also appeal to the scientist out there who might just be curious enough to crack the cover….LOL

    Take a gander at our latest episode, “Fringe Elements”

  • Mark Smith

    Cheers, yeah the book will be fab! It shall make for a very cool Christmas present.

    I’m having trouble downloading “Fringe Elements” and some of the other new podcasts, but I’ll keep on trying.


  • Kevin

    I’m a radio tech and just finished reading the book Paranormal Technology. I found myself very absorbed, the book fascinating and it’s given me a few ideas to try.

    The medium experiment NEEDS to be revisited!

    It’s a must read for all paranormal researchers.

  • David Rountree

    Thank you very much Kevin, endorsements such as yours are greatly appreciated. We are continuing to study our test medium, and are planning to branch out to other mediums in the near future. So far we are seeing the same type of phenomena over and over with the current test subject. Now we need to look at others for a possible correlation.

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