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Episode 9: The Claims of Andy Coppock

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Podcast

David and Stephen examine some of the recent claims of Andy Coppock, and discuss related topics regarding “ITC devices”.   They also provide the means to test Coppock’s claims and devices in a more scientific fashion, and invite Coppock to discuss the matter on a future podcast.

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  • James

    Hey guys

    If you ever wanted to talk to Einstein you may get your chance. Mr Coppock just did a event in Texas last weekend and guess who he talked to on his ITC device. Thats right Einstein. Albert even told him how he liked his device and he wants Andy to continue his work. The videos are on the facebook page and I’m sure they will make it to youtube shortly.

  • Administrator

    Yes I bet he did. And my friend the Leprecaun told me how to build a pot of gold detector…LOL

  • John

    I believe…in the pot of gold detector. Are those available at Toy-R-Us? I had a friend of Andy’s over this past weekend try to convince me that Andy’s “probe” could allow you to here a “ghost’s own voice” and that they thought that we were ghosts. And then she tried to sell me a used car that only was owned by one little old lady who rarely ever drove it!

  • Neil Kiernan

    Where can I buy my ‘Magic Wand’? Forget Einstein, I wanna connect with Marilyn Monroe!

  • Terry Price

    I attended one of these events that some of the recordings of the ITC are from. It was at the Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, TX

  • Terry Price

    I did use my very own Mel meter in close quarters during one of his ITC sessions….and I can at least say that every time something spoke….my mel meter did register a higher reading. I cannot say that it was not hoaxed in some way, I agree there needs to be more testing from outside sources. But, I can say there was EMF fluctuations that did coincide to the voices coming over…..possibly caused by the ITC device itself maybe?

  • Administrator

    His wand is a simple Signal tracer, that picks up EMF via induction. Yes, it is designed to pick up EF in the audio spectrum, so there are many, many ways it can be fed remotely, and yes, subjecting him to lab tests would identify either his power, or the source, whichever.

  • Administrator

    There is plenty of video (or use to be) online of him doing it. He bows his head, resting his chin on his chest. Skeptical Observers believe he is throwing his voice. He is known as having ventrilloquist arts in his forte. Interestingly, his claim to fame is autistioc research with children, yet there isn’t any record of it anywhere. Stay tuned for part two of our examination of Andy Coppock

  • Notsaying

    I know for a fact Any Coppock is no fraud. I was there to hear Sophie sing happy birthday to the woman named, “Kristen”, I was there to hear her sing “Ring Around the Rosy”, I was there to hear Don say that he could travel between California and Texas in only a second, I was there to figure out the name of a murderer. I was there to hear Sophie say that Charlie was her best friend, I was there to hear Sophie say she liked the age 14 even though she was only six. I was there to hear her giggle. I was there to hear the other voices speak to us and answer questions only certain people would know. I even got to ask a question, and no I told no one of the answer till it came out of that ITC. I was there. I sat real close to the fire where he was. I can’t explain it, guys. But, this is for real. I was there.

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