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Episode 23: The Mark that Macy Made: A Stain Upon the Paranormal Part II

by on May.03, 2011, under Podcast

David and Stephen dig deeper in their examination of

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  • David S

    Hey guys, interesting series of shows, but Stephen, I have to ask why you were ever interested in this Spiricom nonsense. I’ve heard the recordings years ago, and it was clearly Bill O’Neil using a electrolarynx device. You could even hear him switch back and forth between his voice and the electrolarynx because he didn’t stop talking between the two. It was just a hoax.

    Also, we don’t even know what ghost are. You can’t explain an undefined with an undefined, so saying a ghost is a spirit doesn’t answer anything, because we don’t know what a “spirit” consist of. But I, along with a group of friends, did see some ghostly entity that also involved poltergeist activity, and seemed to be centered around a recently deceased woman that lived upstairs in my house when I was a teenager.

    Also, don’t laugh off faeries. Read some of Jacques Vall

  • David Rountree

    The Doctor prescribes listening to podcasts 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 and 11. It is our hope that you will get the “big picture”.

    We excude nothing, and leave no stone unturned. Don’t forget there are two websites dedicated to research that drives these podcasts. Additionally, if you have caught any of my interviews in the last say um…..6 years, you would understand that we are doing research into all aspects of the paranromal, based on what may be the catalyst for creating the conduit to the effects perceived. Most of my interviewes are linked off the links page at

  • David S

    Hi David,

    Yes, I have listened to all the shows, and am a regular subscriber to the Podcast. I just felt this last episode was a bit snarky when it came to other aspects of the paranormal. I forget the exact quote, but it was one of those “well pfft, he believed in fairies”… as do a lot of other cultures.

    David, I particularly enjoy your discussions on quantum mechanics. One of my favorite subjects. Keep up the good work.

  • David Rountree

    hey David,
    Personally, I believe in the concept of Faeries, based on the research I have done on ancient races, (specifically the Tuatha de Danaan, read my article at and reference wiki at )

    Having also spoken to many Irish folk about their own personal experiences, I can not discount the existance of something that may be influening these reports. The use of the phrase “believes in Fairies” was more of a reference to “fairytalles” than actual historical events or reports.

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