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Episode 22: The Mark that Macy Made: A Stain Upon the Paranormal Part I

by on Apr.25, 2011, under Podcast

David and Stephen examine the Mark…no pun intended…that Mark Macy has made on paranormal research and ITC. This website includes interview excerpts from the real president of the Meta Science Foundation.

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  • Neil Kiernan

    Whoa Dudes, you’ll upset the ‘resonance’ and may even create a ‘Disharmonious’ flux. Great show.

  • Konstantin Raudive

    This is Konstantin Raudive. Do not listen to David and Stephen. I will have more messages that I will send to Andy Coppock.

  • Ivan / Atrayo

    Hello Stephen & David,

    Hasn’t this been a topic covered in the past of the “Devils Advocate” podcast’s? Where you guys may be continuing to beat a dead horse? Or is this some sort of new wrinkle development that your just following up and sharing? (such as the rightful heirs to ITC)

    Since Stephen you’ve devoted so much of your personal time and research by debunking the ITC fraud. Have you ever considered making a documentary film on the topic? Since by all accounts your research materials seem to be comprehensive enough on watching out for frauds, particularly on ITC. Something to consider since your so passionate about this tract of research and watching out for frauds.

    As you mentioned during the podcast that this “Mr. Mike Macy” went against the proviso of the open source usage and profited from the material. I suspect he didn’t care to the effect of knowing beforehand that no one would bother to enforce such a proviso by legal means. Allowing him to run amuck any way he pleases until that time he commits a real felony of sorts.

    Speaking of felons it seems that “Mr. Mike Macy” as you have described his huckster attempts continuing this ITC fraud. He realized that the original creator be it delusional or a con man. Just picked up like a grifter an easy con as a vocation to fleece the naive and highly suggestible.

    Now to listen to episode #23.

  • David Rountree

    I think when we find someone as heinous as Mr. Macy appears to be, we are touched by it in such a manner that we feel he should be put under an electron microscope. These people tend to be like cult leaders, and tend to loeave an undersirable mark on a field that many legitimate researchers are trying to get taken seriously. Just like when we find someone doing great work in the field, like Dr. Persinger and Dr. Hart, we try to inform on those who we believe are hurting the community. These people don’t realize anything, rather they prey upon a gulible public to finance their lives based on misinformation at best, and fraudulent behavior at worse. There is also the chance that they may truly believe their flawed reasoning, or are just blind or ignorant to the science behind the debunking of their claims. At any rate, he has dropped off the radar publicly for now, and to me, thats a good thing for the field.

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