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Episode 20: The Melissa Rossi Interviews, Part II

by on Mar.14, 2011, under Podcast

In Part II, while some audio troubles continue to plague us (Melissa’s ghosts) David and Stephen

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  • Ivan / Atrayo

    Hello David & Stephen,

    Where to begin you folks covered so many topics during this episode #20. The audio difficulty did continue and become worse, where there was static, volume lowering and going up high. Perhaps you had a 4th ghostly guest crash the 3 way conversation. :o)

    As Ms. Melissa Rossi was describing her near fall in Barcelona, Spain down the steps. Where instead of breaking her nose her arm was bruised by a unseen force that saved her from falling. Perhaps my speculation her dad is tagging along as a guardian angel of sorts. If not some other male oriented entity related to her somehow in particular watching over her.

    I think it was Stephen although i still get your voices confused with David. When Stephen spoke about his pet hypothesis / theory that the universe may have had multiple big bangs like a chain reaction grand event. What if during such a meta universal occurrence it left the fabric of reality swiss cheesed in a way. Where vulnerable pockets of space time are weakest that bleed through occurs via worm holes or other unknown phenomena.

    That during the conversation that spatial events are seen as if they had occurred at another juncture of time. Or during such magnetic presumed gamma radiation bursts that a layer of reality is peeled away. Where the everyday filter is erased temporarily, thus ghosts or paranormal activities occur or are witnessed.

    The Buddhists I believe in their philosophy that Heaven / Hell co-exists with us in this very same space that we occupy as people. But just occupying another dimensional vibrational backdrop, so any paranormal events are just rolling back the veil or curtain for what is already there in place.

    When Ms. Rossi was lamenting how the lack of human evolution and how Stephen was stating our evolution as a species. What struck me is that we’re spiritual Divine beings having a physical human experience. (my belief) So paradoxically we’re living as very flawed mortal so-called sentient human beings. (again my belief system)

    During the beginning of the podcast how that flight over the Bahamas during the 1960’s sped up a 2 hour flight that took only 22 minutes. What if it wasn’t “time travel” but a stripping away of gravity causing less resistance to occur during flight. So a 2 hour flight goes by in 20 plus minutes instead. Didn’t the pilot state that when the wing tips of his plane touch the vortex he felt weightlessness for a brief moment. That could have been the moment that gravity not time was stripped away allowing a shorter flight.

    Also during the period of discussion about dream time by Ms. Melissa Rossi. Her hypothesis isn’t to far from my hypothesis as i wrote under the comments of episode #19. Where I made the analog of our selves like a buoy being cast into a stream of consciousness or reality on the spiritual level.

    The portion of the podcast discussing the “Nine”. How do those following such a meme know that they are 9 God’s returning? It could be 9 of anything, from 9 ancient astronauts returning to 9 events that ushers the 2012 occurrences.

    Sorry for rambling but your podcast covered so much ground I just wanted to share some of my own impressions.

  • Administrator

    Yes the theories on the universe were David’s. And the topics were varied, which is what you get with Melissa, who is a globe trotter and interested in all sorts of things. Wait until you get the after hours episode where they turn off the recording, then decide to capture their till 3 am chat!. That episode is posted.

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