Media Appearance: 23 Feb 2012

Co-Director David will be appearing on Looking into the Unknown from 7 – 8PM on Thursday, 23 Feb 2012. Tune in and hear about his most recent thoughts on paranormal technology!


Media Appearance: 16 Jan 2012

Long time, no blog!

Actually, 2011 was a busy year, with a lot of cooperative work with other regional groups, an expansion of activity within our research partnership (S.P.I.R.I.T.), and a ton of interviews. Hopefully, despite the busy 2012 schedule, we can take a bit of time to give everyone a heads-up regarding future media and conference appearances, as well as any NJPRG-specific investigations that might emerge.


Co-Director David will be appearing on WLEE AM 990 Richmond Virginia LIVE (well at least not dead) and on the air on Ghost Raps with Big Ray and KB on January 16th at approximately 6:15 pm. Listen live in the Richmond Area, or go to the website:


April 2011: Upcoming Events

NJPRG will be conducting an investigation of a private residence in Hackettstown, NJ on Saturday, 09 April 2011. John and David will be joined by members of the local Centenary College Paranormal Research Society for this investigation.

David will be conducting an interview with Fate Radio on Thursday, 14 April 2011 @ 10PM EST.

John will be working with New Jersey Paranormal Research on an investigation of a private residence in Union, NJ on Saturday, 16 Apr 2011.

David will be giving a lecture on “Discoveries” to the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society during their North Jersey Division monthly meeting on Tuesday, 19 April 2001 @ 7PM EST.

John will be working with a local group on an overnight investigation at an undisclosed location in NJ on 30 April 2011. More details will be provided once permission is granted.


Interview: Coast to Coast with George Noory: 09 March 2011

Co-Director David was a guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory:


Interview: Paraquest Radio Network: 03 Mar 2011

Co-Director David will be interviewed on Thursday, 03 Mar 2011 on the Paraquest Radio Network for Jacqui Carpenter’s “Whispers in the Darkness”, where he and Jacqui will discuss Ley Lines and whatever else pops up..


Ecto Radio Interview: 01 March 2011

Co-Director David will be interviewed on Tuesday, 01 Mar 2011 on Ecto Radio.

Here is the link to the live show and chat!


July/August 2010 Update

Co-Director David will be appearing on ParaNexus Universe Radio on Thursday, July 29, from 9 – 10PM.

Co-Director John will be working with New Jersey Paranormal Research on a formal investigation of the USS Salem in Quincy, MA in early August. John will be bringing some of the unique NJPRG and Spirit Lab equipment to the investigation, which should prove to be an exciting challenge! (As always, as per disclosure agreements, NJPR reserves the right to any and all data/evidence collected, so that will not be featured on our website.)

The NJPRG team will be re-investigating a private residence in Long Valley, NJ. This location was originally investigated in 2008, and reports of activity have continued. The team will be conducting some new experiments related to detection and triangulation of “emergent EMF”, which we hypothesize to be the source of EMF-generated EVPs.

John will also be a guest on Texas After Dark, discussing his reviews of paranormal investigation reality shows on his Critical Myth website and methods of investigation in general. A link to the specific episode will be linked here as soon as it is available.

August will also see new episodes of The Devil’s Advocate.

Come back soon for more details!


The Devil’s Advocate Podcast

The Devil’s Advocate Podcast now has its own page and dedicated feed:

The Devil’s Advocate Podcast


The Devil’s Advocate Podcast: Episode 2

The second episode of Co-Director Dave’s podcast with Dr. Stephen Rorke. This is Episode #2: The Paratopia Experience: Part I.

This episode is the first part of an interview between Dave and Dr. Rorke on Paratopia, as well as some of the usual Devil’s Advocate content.



The Devil’s Advocate Podcast: Episode 1

Co-Director Dave and his colleague Dr. Stephen Rorke have begun recording a podcast called “The Devil’s Advocate! This is Episode 1: Introductions.

Dr. Stephen Rorke has undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, has lectured on developmental psychology, cognition, theoretical and applied physics, and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) as a subset of ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) with potential implications for the theoretical physics community regarding the existence of multiple dimensions beyond the standard model. Dr. Rorke’s most recent studies include the application of information theory, persuasion theory and certain aspects of psychology to the paranormal; i.e., ‘paramemetics’. Dr. Rorke’s psychobiological explanation for the creation of a paranormal ethos, the spread and adoption of fringe ideas is called ‘para-memes’ and this model brings information theory and neuroscience to bear upon the paranormal in an interdisciplinary manner.

Dave is a certified audio and acoustic engineer, and has a graduate degree in electronics engineering, with a minor in particle physics. He has given presentations on the phenomena associated with ghost hunting as well as the technology used to document the phenomena with special emphasis on the proper way to use it. Dave’s current research focuses on the potential connection between Quantum Mechanics and reported paranormal phenomena. He has researched Electronic Voice Phenomena since 1976. Some of David’s accomplishments include establishing a relationship between EVP and spontaneous ELF EMF, researching the relationship between EMF and inter-dimensional or trans-universal wormhole-like phenomena and the study of environmental alterations in connection with medium activity.

NJPRG is pleased to offer this podcast to all visitors to the site, and more episodes will be presented in the future!



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